Law Enforcement and Social Media

*Still in Draft…

We all know that tactical communications are one of the biggest kept secrets there are, so I won’t give the bad guys any examples here, but keep in mind that the tactics used by one, can be copied by the other.


…”If I ever caught a bad guy wearing one of these, I’d sure want to know who was on the other end!”

Sometimes it is easy to forget how much we fail to observe small details when our environment is constantly changing. As today’s communications devices are designed for individual use, they have evolved into more powerful and efficient hardware, in smaller and more ergonomic designs, usually capable of being completely customizable  both in appearance as well as function.

Let me translate. …”Bluetooth doesn’t “require” that blinking blue light!”

Remember when the scanner was thought to be the biggest communications threat there was? Everyone thought that the bad guys were going to be listening and waiting for their location to be transmitted. The plan being for them all to run and take positions and prepare for the impending assault.

I’m not sure if that scenario ever really played out as described, but nevertheless it served to prove the point. That communications technology had reached a level within the civilian world where radio equipment specifically  designed for use in counter intelligence, was available at the local hobby shop.

And let’s hope they continue to forget!

With all of the problems regular forms of communication have,  

Civilians now have the ability to access and utilize multi-platform, encrypted, data and communications information in “real time.”

And that’s just with the Internet alone.  Add various combinations of any or all of the different  formats used to create a Social media environment, and you have  a fully integrated network system capable of running a small country.

Technology has also recently added one more. Commonly referred to as the “Smart phone,”

These are  inexpensive, adaptable, high powered, open sourced, easily acquired  and operated, wireless computers,

“designed” to exploit all forms  of digital, and analog radio communication networks, and their  supporting software.

And society ends up with a brand new,  extremely powerful, “tool” that it plays  with like a toy.

Monitoring social media provides a strategic, tactical and operational advantage for civilians as well as law enforcement.

*******IN PROGRESS***** a test if you will. A few examples are are Many departments use Twitter search to monitor chatter around their areas, in real-time. When listening, target particular keywords and phrases being used. There are implications of engaging in this type of search, be sensitive to them as protectors, but as officers, realize that these days the laws change almost as fast as the technology. The concepts of law are still however, the same. Watch for trends, these will indicate changes in popular opinion, in law, and in all areas of society. *Remember that we are talking about global, social, interaction, in real time. What this means, is that at any given time, any person, can and may be in direct contact with another. These individuals may or may not be in direct contact with others, who may or may not also be conducting counter or support operations. (As well as enterprises; getting groups to follow can net entire network.) Photos, videos, friends links, and news feeds can all help understand the dynamics of groups when investigating their activities. Second tier shows networks. Some agencies are posting descriptions of criminals on today’s most trafficked spots within the social web.Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are ideal for getting the word out about wanted persons with up-to-the-minute updates. A police blotter is the record of events at a police station. Traditionally, a desk sergeant kept a register of these events. Nowadays, Twitter feeds, blogs, YouTube, and Facebook Fan Pages are being used by captains and chiefs to put out the digital equivalent of the police blotter in real-time. . In tactical applications it is the most important tool. talk about my secret FLASH MOBS and LAPD This is one of those areas I mentioned earlier. But the thing is, I have something different if you don’t mind. It’s in code so pay attention. Since Man first hunted cooperatively, he’s also had a buddy in the wings covering his back as well. Whether anyone else knew it or not. (caveman) Tactical communications have come a long way since then. From grunts and hand signals, to whisper mic’s and ear buds. signal flags during the day and lanterns by nights, to “AT” portable VHF radios. From a vantage point in the trees, to a chopper with F.L.I.R.


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