Airsoft For Home or Self Defense?



When they look like this it’s easy to tell which one is the real gun, and which one is the toy. 1911

But not all of today’s B.B. or Airsoft guns look exactly like the toy they are supposed to look like. 331_20b_Beretta_Orange_Tip

A lot of times the person who has bought the Airsoft gun will remove the Orange tip to make it look like a real gun.

So when I hear the question “Can I use an Airsoft gun for home or self-defense?” I have to wonder, “Is it something like this that they are thinking?”


Because that’s pretty cool and all, but what about that Orange tip? I think I’d have to take it off.


Believe it or not I get this question a lot.

I think part of the thinking behind the question stems from the obvious appearance. It looks real so it must be dangerous. …”Besides, with today’s technology I’d bet those things can really shoot!”

…”Little plastic B.B.’s huh?”  …”Oh, okay.”


Okay. Let’s start with the question again.

Can I use my Airsoft gun for home or self defense?

When called on to protect one’s home, their family, their loved ones, or occasionally even their neighbors most people don’t really take much time to think. They usually startle awake from a strange sound or are woken up by their spouse who were woken up the same way.

If they don’t “hear” something by the time they’ve gotten up and put a robe or some shoes on, most people won’t really even try and wake up before they head off to go do battle with the mysterious garage ghost.

Stumble out like this and it wouldn’t matter if you were armed with a Howitzer. All you’re going to end up doing is putting a hole in the wall. So first things first. Wake up. Take a moment and breathe. Think about what you’re doing. You’re investigating an occupied residence that may have just been compromised by an unknown number of dangerous intruders.

Can you use an Airsoft gun for home or self defense?

Now that you have a slightly better grasp on the situation, let me ask “you” a question.

Out of all the firearms pictured on this site so far. How many of you noticed which one was real the first time you saw it? (If you have to go back and look it wasn’t you…) Figure it out yet?

It’s the 1911.

…”Yea, …But can I use it for home or self defense?”

…”Uhhh. In a word, ……No.” Here’s why.

The equation for kinetic energy is KE = ½mv2 (KE is kinetic energy, m is mass of object, and v2 is velocity squared). This equation tells us how much energy will be derived from a combination of 6mm B.B.  grain weight and muzzle velocity.

If you have an Airgun shooting .30g ammo at 400fps at a person, you will have a 680g/psi B.B. hitting a target that requires approximately 100psi to puncture. This means that at an “optimum” hit, you will have enough mass, (B.B.) traveling fast enough, (400fps) to puncture Human skin about 1 inch.

 Where you hit will make a difference as well. Hit your target on the side of the neck, belly, hip or someplace hard like the wrist and your skin might as well be made of light weight ballistic fabric.


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