Combat Tactics: (Economy of Movement)

“The only practitioner who can beat a Wing Chun practitioner is a better, faster, Wing Chun practitioner.” Yip Man

Wing Chun allows one the possibility of overcoming an opponent’s inherent superior speed by applying the principles of the art. Wing Chun does not rely on physical build, but on a logical sequence of economic movements.

Yip Man taught that in Wing Chun, there are several types of speed. If you cannot overcome your opponent with one type of speed, you can beat him with another.
In the Wing Chun theorys of speed there are four areas of concern:

SPEED: The type of speed normally refered to during a punch or kick. Calculated in feet per second. Improvable with consistant practice.

DIRECT MOVEMENT: Straight-line theory states simply that “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” A straight punch is shorter and quicker than a swing or a hook punch.

READINESS: In Wing Chun, the power is not generated just by the moving hand or leg, so there is no need to chamber or cock the attacking leg or arm. When one typicly throws a heavy punch or powerful kick, it’s common to cock back or “chamber” the leg or arm before execution of the movement. This not only telegraphs the move, but also wastes valuable time and motion.

TRAINED REFLEXIVE REACTION: Reaction without thinking. Good form with all the techniques, without proper reflex and feeling of balance development training, leaves actual combat skills ineffective. Chi Sao technique drills, (two people) must be drilled over and over, until they become habit or “second nature”. After “muscle memory” has been developed.


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