Seeking enlightenment

The ultimate goal of this blog site is to show how the Martial Arts, when practiced and applied correctly, will have an effect within virtually every aspect of the practitioners life.

I challenge you to place religion aside for a moment, and attempt to grasp the concepts of a “spiritual” journey and what it might mean to you.

For me, the two are completely different paths in life that parallel each other in many ways, but are completely distinct from each other in others. And it is a result of these differences that actually allow them to enhance each other rather than separate them.

Unfortunately, I believe most people have a difficult time seeing this in the two, and believe that the use of the word “Spirituality” is used to describe a kind of “Liberal” or “Lazy Man’s” religion without true faith, responsibility, or consequences to the non believer or sinner.

Now, this topic can and probably will be debated to death here over time, so I won’t talk much more about it right now other than to say that I believe that one is a path walked while blindfolded, and the other is in bright Summer skies. When one can actually “see” the wonder around him, I believe it in fact helps to support that area of religion where faith in the unseen can often be so difficult.

Please, take time to relax and watch the whole video. It’s only about 5 minutes but explains much. (By the way, this version was originally a puppet show, that was illustrated over the film and set to the music.)

Daoist Journey
– Watch more Music Videos at Vodpod.

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